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Vocal Coaching & Singing Lessons

Here at Flockstars, we offer vocal coaching, singing lessons, and music lessons with the aim of building confidence through music and voicework. Lessons are all ONLINE, so you can enjoy learning from anywhere in the world.

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If you want to love your voice, you've come to the right place.

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Our Philosophy

Singing should feel good.

Singing naturally releases oxytocin and endorphins, the feel-good chemicals of the brain. However, it is all too easy for the idea of 'vocal technique' to become another way of self-critique, a focus on what we need to 'fix' about ourselves.

Lessons at Flockstars focus on building confidence and maximising the natural benefits of singing and creative flow, no matter if you are looking to sing, speak, or learn a musical instrument.

Vocal technique is here to make your voice use easier. The goal is enjoyment. 

"I’ve been having weekly singing lessons with Lydia for for some time. She has helped with every aspect of the performance I’m preparing for: rep selection, singing technique, and remembering to enjoy it! Lydia is an exceptional teacher. She utilises a variety of tools to relax and warm you up, from awareness exercises to Alexander Technique. She is an expert at building confidence and making you feel comfortable and confident in lessons, which then carries through to the real performance. I’ve seen a huge change in how I sing and how I feel about singing from working with her.

She prepares incredibly thoroughly for lessons, and each session is carefully constructed based on the progress made in the last one. This means each lesson is fun and you can really see the progress you’re making. She is extremely observant and able to identify what needs changing during lessons, from mouth shape to breathing and focus! She has a highly technical knowledge but deploys it in enjoyable and interesting ways. She also sends detailed lesson notes and recordings which are helpful for making progress between lessons.

Lydia is also a great person, wonderful to work with and has an infectious enthusiasm. I’d recommend Lydia in a heartbeat to anyone, from beginners to seasoned singers. "

Zahid Ali

The team at Flockstars are honoured to be part of these registered bodies and professional associations:

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